After several years of moving an existing professional services business to the cloud, we’ve decided to help others do it as well. The interesting thing for us is that, whereas moving an existing business to the cloud involves change and all of it’s myriad of problems and opportunities, we now get to start with a clean slate. No preconceptions, established systems and history to change, just a whole lot of ideas, enthusiasm and experience to build on.

Over the course of the next few months we plan to chronicle our own experiences running a new business in the cloud. We intend to make Cloud Professional Solutions a model of best practice but, like all business owners, we’ll be fighting to work on the business not in it. We don’t want to be “the plumber with the leaky tap” but we hope to give you honest look at our experiences, journey, mistakes and triumphs along the way. Hopefully that will be of use to you as you consider a leap into the cloud.




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