We’ve been using practice management software in the cloud since before anyone knew what “cloud technology” was.


We first started using ActionStep five years ago and over that time we’ve made the mistakes and realised the opportunities that cloud technologies present. We all know it’s cheaper, easier and more secure than the old server based software we’ve used in the past. But beyond that each piece of cloud technology has it’s own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered in the light of the realities of your practice.

Professional practice (whether it be law, medicine, architecture, ….) is different from other businesses. Business performance has to be balanced against professional obligations in a way that is unique to each profession.

And, then every practice is unique – a reflection of the partners, their specialties, their personal philosophies and their clients.

handshakeWe don’t know you and your practice (yet) but we have the skills and experience to know what to look for to really understand you and your practice.

Only once we know you do we start to identify the best practice management solutions for you. We take particular pride in helping you use your chosen practice management software to make a practical difference to you and your practice – client service, efficiency, productivity and profit.

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