I subscribe to far too many newsletters to be able to read them all when they hit my inbox each morning. But every now and then you spot a gem…

This morning I discovered Flashnotes¬†– a website where students can buy and sell their study notes online. How does it work? In their own words…What I love about this idea is it epitomises all that is great about Cloud Software…

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap to access
  • Creates a community
  • Helps others to make money in a way that they probably wouldn’t be able to otherwise

What do I mean by the last comment?

This is Cloud Software that allows students to make money doing something that they would be doing anyway (taking notes) by giving them a platform to sell to a market that wants their product (the other students that don’t get to lectures). Without¬†Flashnotes, the market still exists but most students wouldn’t have the time, energy or skills to build a system that allows them to make money selling their notes. They may not even be aware that they could. The student makes money, Flashnotes makes money and the student customers get the opportunity to get better grades.

I’m not saying that Flashnotes is the best or only cloud software provider in this particular market. They’re the only one I know of and I’m not their target audience but I just love that the cloud allows people to take ideas like this, make them available to the world cost-effectively and create opportunities for others.

There’s something new and innovative popping up in the cloud every day. Before you go investing in software, servers and the IT support needed to run things in-house, check out what’s online – you’ll be surprised what you discover.

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