What is the right Practice Management Software for me?

Choose the right Practice Management Software

Which is the best practice management software for you - ActionStep, JuniorPartner, LawBase?

The number of choices is confusing and with the proliferation of cloud software, the options get greater every day.

The best practice management software for you is the one that best fits how you practice and how you want to improve your practice. Our experience with ActionStep changed the way we practiced at Family Law Results and allowed us to operate in South Auckland, one of NZ's toughest markets as family law specialists, one of the least profitable specialties in law.

Before we make a recommendation to you about the best practice management software for you we take the time to ask:

  • how you use your current software?
  • what do you want to do with your new software?
  • what opportunities are there to do things smarter?
  • what are your business goals?
  • what's your budget?
  • how much training do your staff need or want?

Only once we know you and your practice do we make a recommendation as to the best practice management software for you. It may be ActionStep, it may not. It may be a specialist practice management software package, it may not.

And, we always stick around to make sure that you get out of your software what you wanted to through customisation, training and office management services.

Make the most of your practice management software investment

Make the most of your practice management software investment - customise for your needs

So you've purchased ActionStep but it's not quite living up to your expectations.

  • I know how to install the document templates but you've got better things to do with your evenings.
  • They said I could invoice straight out of ActionStep but I can't get it to work the way I want to so I'm still using my old Excel templates.
  • I know what the workflows should look like but I can't find the time to get them setup and tested.
  • There's a new staff member starting next week and it's been so long since I've done it I can't remember how to add a new login for them.
  • I need to get this done now and I don't have time to search through the help manual.

These are all real complaints from real users of ActionStep that we've helped solve. 

One of the reasons we set Cloud Professional Solutions up was because we heard these complaints frequently. It doesn't matter what the system is, you need to take the time and have the skills to be able to set things up properly. And, your needs will change - as your team changes, you add a specialty, you just get to know your practice management software better.

And, what is really important is not the software but the users. The technical skills to manage your software is not something you need to worry about, you just need it set up the best way for your team. Call us now to help you configure ActionStep , or, if you use another practice management software package, we can work with the technical experts to make sure they look after you.